Galacta Knight's theme. Some people say this song is overrated.I personally think it's just awesome because Galact Knight was the strongest warrior in the whole galaxy, enjoy. By the way, this has been extended to half an hour, the actual song is less than a minute, just saying so you don't have to watch all of it

Maglor's Batlle Phase 2. This one seems classic. Maybe from Nightmare in Dreamland King Dedede?Hmmm...You defeated Maglor once, now you have to do it again...WITH AWESOME MUSIC.

Nothing more to say then to listen it and not for 30 min.


Green Greens, you can't beat the classics!But you could try to copy them. Anyways, this is a remake of a classic song:Green Greens. Almost all Kirby fans know this one, it was in his first game, Kirby's Dream Land before he was even pink!(Kirby's a he) I hope you enjoy this classic theme remaked and be sure to see the orginal. 


Dark Bowser Battle Theme. When I had this game, this was my favorite song. This was way to awesome for a Mario song. DISCLAIMER: This soundtrack is 8 minutes long, not 30. Enjoy my tied favorite Mario Music. 


<-- Bowser's finial phase. I listened to this song without the chorus and I personally think it sounds better. You could always see yourself for the song with the chorus, right? Yadda Yadda  Yadda, same as above. It IS 30 minutes of ultimate finial boss music.I think I am tied with the top one and this but I sort of like this better. Enjoy.(I almost beated the level but my friend just had to troll me so I was a goner in lava) 

Way too classic I'm not sure if I even need to write this but the only reason I'm writing this is to occupy space so it won't be 3 words.