Super Smash Bros.

 An amazing fighting game where you battle against Nintendo's greatest's. This is a very good crossover and the only bad part is ESRB rating. I'm not saying their bad but if you really want smash bros brawl, I know it's a teen game but is smash bros 64 any different? Whatev, This is a recommended game for all gamers, if you didn't know I'm a RPG guy but I say this game is great. You can try out both the computer versions of the game yourself for free . Made by Cleod4

Mario Party

This is a really fun party game and all the titles are amazingly fun. You travel around different boards to try to beat your opponents. Beat the board first, get the most stars, beat your opponents in the most minigames, so many titles even I don't know all of them(Mario Party 2 was the oldest game image I could find)

Kirby's Return to dreamland.

This is a kirby platformer that was a lost game in development but when they worked on it the time it was found again, they made it for the Wii. This game is really good though I only played it once. Nintendo added mega/super I forget the name abilities. There were these kinds of abilities for sword, flame, beam, and hammer. There is a secret boss that uses ice versions of these, play it if you want to know which boss. (edit) 

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